The Borgney Spearnine Web Page
What would happen if DNA samples were stolen from two unsuspecting people... and cloned into a new race of genetically engineered superbeings ? What if this happened to Britney Spears and Ernest Borgnine ???

Conspiracy Theories

Here are some topics which may not interest you:
* Where to send money
* What you can do to ensure that this never happens
* Write your congressman asking them to stop blocking legislation ensuring that Borgney Spearnine genetic research and web pages be outlawed FOREVER
* How to get ISPs and Web Indices to blacklist Borgney Spearnine web pages
* Where to send money
* Religeous organizations which might support Borgney Spearnine genetic research web page bans
* Government warnings on the catastrophic epidemic spreading of Borgney Spearnine gene pool pollution web pages.

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